I am the perfect entertainer to hire for your entertainment needs. If you want energy, excitement delivered. I’m your man!

I specialize in customized DJ music entertainment. Since 1992, The Hamptons DJ (also known as Pure Sound Entertainment in the early days) has performed at thousands of events in New York and Florida. We have experience working any type of party including Weddings, Engagements, Sweet 16s, Communions, Surprise parties, Birthday Parties, Corporate Parties, Special Events, Grade and High school dances, Proms, Block parties, Graduations, AND A WHOLE LOT MORE! In my 20+ years I have entertained every age group. I have learned that entertaining people isn’t just about playing music. It’s about keeping your eyes open and making sure that people are having a good time. Playing music is just one aspect of my entertainment.You will see me engaging in the party in a small way. My volume is always balanced,I walk around multiple times during the party to make sure that my microphone and music is just perfect. You can always give me a hand signal if you want it turned up or down.