Long Island Dj Hamptons DJ Personalized party entertainment

Long Island Dj Hamptons DJ Personalized party entertainment

Long Island Dj Hamptons DJ Personalized party entertainment

I am the perfect entertainer to hire for your entertainment needs. If you want energy, excitement delivered. I’m your man!

I specialize in customized Long Island DJ music entertainment. Since 1992, Hamptons DJ has performed at thousands of events in New York and Florida. We have experience working any type of party including Weddings, Engagements, Sweet 16s, Communions, Surprise parties, Birthday Parties, Corporate Parties, Special Events, Grade and High school dances, Proms, Block parties, Graduations, AND A WHOLE LOT MORE! 

Long Island Dj, Riverhead, NY

In my 20+ years I have entertained every age group. I have learned that entertaining people isn’t just about playing music. It’s about keeping your eyes open and making sure that people are having a good time. Playing music is just one aspect of my entertainment.You will see me engaging in the party in a small way. My volume is always balanced,I walk around multiple times during the party to make sure that my microphone and music is just perfect. You can always give me a hand signal if you want it turned up or down.  I am located in Riverhead, NY very close to both Sunrise Hwy and Long Island Expressway.

About Us Entertainment in New York

When you think of visiting the Hamptons you think of Fun, Energy, Excitement, and Creativity and that’s my mission with performing music services as a Long Island Dj .I’ve been playing on the radio, stages, and well anywhere in New York and Florida for more than 20 years. I’m the serious disc jockey who is working and having fun at the same time.  When you think entertainment in New York, think of us.

I take pride in always being prepared with the latest and best in all music genres courtesy of my involvement in various record pools.

I prepare extensively for all my parties. If you look closely behind my setup I’m usually smiling and dancing. I’m a student of music who enjoys entertaining and making people smile. I’ve always had a strong passion for music. I am the ring leader when it comes to being an experienced disc jockey. If you close your eyes you might picture yourself in the middle of a club just going crazy.  That’s my reputation as performing as the best in Suffolk and Nassau on Long Island Dj Ny

A Long Island Dj who does it different

We customize your event by asking you what you want and then building the music around those selections. You can expect professionalism. We have the latest MUSIC! We are working on our music lists every week. If you’re looking for suggestions on what songs would make the best candle-lighting ceremony, or greatest first dance, I have the know-how to help! From 40’s to today, we have it all. Paul is a student of music and award-winning trumpet player. Ask me to play for you!  If there’s a song you absolutely HAVE TO HAVE the day of the party, we’ll get it for you, ALWAYS! I think what separates me from other companies is I don’t perform a routine.  Every party I play is different.I believe in a personal experience.   Even if you want to hear some music that hasn’t come out yet.  ASK ME. I have the music first.I’m young enough that I’m familiar with what music came out yesterday and I also know how to get my parents dancing around the swimming pool.  Our goal is to get everyone into a good mood to dance or just smile and bop your head, maybe even lip sync. All of my parties are building blocks and I write about them all in my blog so I can remember them forever. I want my customers to talk about my performances. I want your party to be an overwhelming success!

If you want proof that I’m very good at matching beats check out my hobby website where I have over 250 mixes posted  If you want smiles on your guests as they are leaving you should get in touch with us about your next event.  Paul Cassella the most experienced entertainer you will find for music entertainment.

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