Party Ideas

Party Ideas

Party Ideas

I have created a page with some unique party ideas and some old ones.  As you know we live in a social age. Reality TV, Facebook and twitter.  On the page i will walk you through some of our new party ideas and some areas of some of our other parties that we like to do.

Party broadcasting

We are still in the beta stage of this idea. I will be testing the concept in the Spring of 2013.   Do you have some guests that you wish were involved in the party but were not able to show up.  Why not bring the party to them?  If you are in this predicament I would like to help.  Why not broadcast your party on the internet.  Imagine your guests who are unable to attend to be able to listen to the party over the internet via a link.  A virtual party. It’s not going to be better than in person but it’s the next best experience than not being there at all.   Ask me about this service and it’s costs.  I’ve been offered to offer test this service let’s see if catches on.

Twitter and or Facebook party  

We are on both and I am not shy about using the platform.   Putting your event up on Facebook seems to be very popular these days.  We can set up an event page to promote the party and what were doing and the music we are going to play at the party.  Most people have Facebook and twitter applications on their phones.   Let’s get the conversation going, and use the social media to add to the fun we are going to have at your party.  No cost.


If you have kids and need the focus to be on them, we got you covered.  Make games instead of music to be the center piece of your party.   I’m really good with children.  You have to be patient, fun, and understanding and that’s what i do.  We separate the kids into teams and we play games.  Check out the party form for all of the games we play.  If you don’t see the games you want on the list,  let me know.  I can research how to play any game and we can play it at your party.  No problem!


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