Q&A Paul Cassella

Q&A Paul Cassella

Q&A Paul Cassella

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Q&A with Hamptons Disc Jockey Paul Cassella

1. What kind of music system do you use?

PAUL CASSELLA- It depends on the event but I always carry everything on me in case something breaks down. We use Virtual DJ played on a Sattelite L875D Laptop Computer attached to a mixtrack pro unit. I also carry a Vestax Mixer with a Gemini Dual Deck as an emergency.  We have a powered dual speaker system that is more than loud to play at any party.  I carry my iPod for extreme emergencies.

2.Are you expecting a gratuity?

PAUL CASSELLA-Yes, I am.   My number one goal is for you to be overwhelmed with my services.  I offer everyone a very competitive and discounted rate. I believe the gratuity is the best way of expressing your satisfaction with my services.

3. What is your policy on canceling?

PAUL CASSELLA- The first emotion I get is sadness. We collect 25% non refundable deposit on all of our parties. If for some reason you have to reschedule the money will be applied to your new date.

4. Are you insured?

PAUL CASSELLA-No I’m not I’m still a small company.  If you’re having a wedding or sweet 16 or another event that requires me to carry insurance.  Please let me know. I don’t mind carrying coverage for the day of your event.  Keep in mind insurance almost doubles the amount of my services.

5. Do you play requests?

PAUL CASSELLA-Yes.  Please feel free to come up to me and get those requests in.  I may not play them all or get them on right away but your requests are the driving force of the party so keep them coming at all times.  Even during the first few minutes of the party.

6. What are you methods of payment?

I like cash but i also accept check or money order.  We are also accepting Paypal.  In the future we are looking at doing Google Wallet

7. How do we dress for your party?

I always dress for the occasion.  Usually white shirt black pants.

8. Do you play songs with explicit lyrics?

I do my best to screen all of my music to make sure all of the music I play are radio edits.


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